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Spurious Claims

 ♣  About Me

Hiya! I'm fleete. I'm a twenty-something cisfemale pansexual fangirl living in San Francisco, California. On this journal you'll find posts related mostly to fandom as well as the occasional post whining about my dissertation.

Blanket Policy  ♦  

I give blanket permission to create podfic, remixes, and other transformative works of my fanwork. Please link me when you're done; I'd love to see/read/listen to it!

 ♥  Friending Policy

You are completely welcome to friend me if you are interested in reading my posts. I post most things publicly; RL goings-on and the occasional fannish post full of feelings go under f-lock. If you friend me and I think we have stuff in common, I'll likely friend you back. If we haven't talked in a while, I may unfriend you, and you should feel free to do the same with me--no hard feelings!
Fandoms   ♠ 

The fandoms I'm most active in are Teen Wolf and Merlin, but I also hang out in Suits, Community, Bandom, Star Trek Reboot, and podfic fandoms. I beta fic and podfic on a semi-regular basis, and am very willing and excited to beta for brand new writers as well as more experienced ones. You're welcome to PM me if you're looking for a beta.

I am the mod of teenwolfbetas, a comm for finding Teen Wolf betas, as well as a mod at its sister community, teenwolfwriters, where we hold weekly writing exercises and give each other friendly, non-evaluative feedback on our TW writing! Come join us at both communities!

I'm also a mod at establishedfest, a multifandom established relationship fest. Be sure to join the community if you'd like to follow our meta discussions; discussion posts are locked to members.