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Misc - Girl with books

October 2015

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Misc - Girl with books

ST Reboot Podfic: Once Upon a Time

Podfic Cover for Once Upon a Time by igrockspock, read by fleete. Features a book page with pictures of Cinderella on it with a swirling black hold seemingly cut in the middle.

Title: Once Upon a Time by igrockspock
Reader: fleete
Fandom: Star Trek Reboot
Pairing: Gen: Gaila, Christine Chapel, Nyota Uhura
Rating: Teen
Summary: Privacy and fairy tales are two concepts that don't translate well into Orion.

Download: MP3 at Mediafire

Bingo Squares for [community profile] podfic_bingo : Gen, Female Character 

Notes: Thanks so much to [livejournal.com profile] sothcweden for the kind and insightful beta!


...is it creepy that I'm kind of excited to hear your voice? And listen to this fic because there isn't a lot out there that's centered around females of Star Trek.
Not creepy! I've always liked the notion of getting to hear other fans' voices; it seems like it brings us closer together.

Doing this made me realize, though, that my voice when it's recorded and performing a story is pretty different than my normal speaking voice. Or at least, it sounds different to me. You'll have to see what you think when I see you in a couple weeks!
Right, about that, did you have a specific time in mind? Because as the poor, college student I rely on public transportation to get me everywhere, so I'd have to leave by 8:30 or find a house to stay in.

ETA: This is gonna actually sound creepy, but you have a really nice voice...oh gosh, you must think I'm crazy.

(But that story was really good. I love how universal it is.)

Edited at 2012-05-15 11:01 pm (UTC)
Right, right, we should plan that. I'll PM you here in a sec. I figure we could do dinner somewhere nice and cheap? I hear ya on the poor college student front.

Oh, and yay! I'm glad you liked my voice! Not creepy at all. I figure it's like in fanfiction, where you compliment someone's natural style of wording things? Or somehow comparable. I do hope you like the story; igrockspock has got all kinds of fun stories about the ladies of Star Trek, and has very graciously given me blanket permission to podfic, so I think I'll do more of hirs in the future.
OOOOOOO! I've downloaded this and I can't wait to listen!
I listened and loved it! You were so fun to listen to, and you picked a great story too. <33333