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Misc - Girl with books

October 2015

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Misc - Girl with books


Erm. So. As part of my continuing goal to finish and post some fanworks, I signed up for [community profile] podfic_bingo. *squirms* I am both excited and nervous.</user>

fleete's Podfic Bingo!
Read Slowly (for you)Splice Fics TogetherRead a Fic ColdRead While LaughingGossip
Read DrunkenlyRead SleepilyNonEnglish LanguageRecord Standing UpRead Animatedly
Repod ColdIncorporate MusicWild Card!Echo Effect2nd POV
PoetryRare PairingGenRead LoudlyTrans Character
Incorporate Verbal EffectsUnfamiliar GenreRead QuietlyFemale CharacterKinky

I am especially excited about the NonEnglish Language square, because I supposedly have a degree in Spanish that I've never really utilized. I'm sure this is exactly what all my professors hoped that I'd do with it. :D

I've already got one author who's given me permission to podfic hir works, so that's a place to start!  


Can you explain to me how this works (both podfic bingo and DW). I've thought about getting a Dreamwidth, but I have no idea how to navigate it.
Yup yup! Well, I'll tell you what I know, which is very little actually.

Dreamwidth is basically LiveJournal except not owned by a scary corporation. It's...nonprofit? Maybe? Lotsa fannish peoples like it and live there. You need an invite code to get a journal, but there's a thread where people leave codes they're not using, and you can just nab one. There's a method whereby you can import all your info from LJ, and there's also an option for crossposting (from DW to LJ) so that anything you put on DW will go on LJ (but not viceversa).

But, but! You don't need a DW account to do podfic_bing. (Well, I'm pretty sure.) All you need to do is make a comment on the sign-up post to request a bingo card, and they give you one! And then you record podfics that fill in the squares, and you try to make a line or cross or a blackout bingo by Sept. 1! The nice thing is that one podfic can count for several squares. So if I read a fic that's in Spanish and include music, I can cross off both those squares. And they have monthly challenges where you can win the chance to "cheat" and change your board a little bit. So yeah.

OH, and I meant to say, all you need to be able to comment on DW is an Open ID, which is super easy to get.

And wait, damn, maybe you do need a DW account? Cuz I think people post their podfics to the comm in order to get credit for their squares?

Yeah. I am super unhelpful, sorry about that. :(
XD. It's cool. You gave me more information than what I had before. Also, don't you have a thesis to write and classes to teach? When do you find the time for podfics?
When do you find the time for podfics?

I...haven't yet. But I want to have the kind of life where I balance out my work and my non-work, and where work doesn't take over my life. So I guess you could call this a hopeful step in that direction. :D
\0/ podfic! Very cool, I'm excited to hear you :)