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October 2015



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Oct. 28th, 2015

Misc - Girl with books

Dear Yuletide Author 2015

Dearest, most wonderful author: I am SO SORRY that this letter didn't end up linked from my sign-up.  I've gotten horribly sick over the last week, and things kinda went awry.  If you ended up finding this letter later--and you've already started writing--please don't feel like you have to start over or anything.  Optional details are optional,and also it's my own fault!!  I'm going to be jazzed about pretty much anything you could write about any of these three fandoms, because I love them so!

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Apr. 18th, 2014

Misc - Girl with books

Sleepy Hollow Voice Meme (i mean sort of - temper expectations)

For my dearest, darlingest analise010:

OKAY. So the first thing to know is that while I am calling this a voice meme, it is really more 15 minutes of semi-whacked-out rambling.  I recorded it because I am home alone, and the medicine I'm taking for my sinus infection makes me sort of loopy, and I was bored.  BUT. I dunno.  It's kinda amusing?  I hope you guys find it amusing. I'm not really in a state of mind to make these judgment calls.

At one point, you hear me freak out because I realized I'd made coffee earlier and then not drunk it, so I go to find it, and then later, I decide it would be a great idea to read some Spanish poetry, lol.  WHO AM I EVEN.

Also, hey. I've not been on LJ in a long, long time. How ya'll doin?

Feb. 1st, 2014

Misc - Girl with books

Be my valentine!


I have been less active in fandom for a while, and I would like to remind myself and all of you of why I love you. I do not care if we have never spoken or interacted or what.  I like to meet people!  SO.

Would you allow me the favor of making a Valentine for you?? I can write ficlets or send you recs or make you an icon or record audio telling you how pretty you are or mail you postcards or send you a sexy poem (not written by me)!  Wouldn’t you like that?

YES?  Good.  Okay. Now follow instructions!!

1. Reply to this post. Or send me an PM or a tumblr ask. Or idk a carrier pigeon. I am not picky.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Feb. 13; send it anyway!

2. Tell me some things you might like to receive!!  I much prefer to write/create for prompts, so please don’t be shy!

3. I WILL MAKE YOU A THING by Valentine’s Day! Hurrah!

Here are fandoms I can write fic for: Sleepy Hollow, Elementary, Teen Wolf, Merlin, Arrow, The Musketeers (BBC), Emma Approved, and prolly some more if you know I’m familiar with it and bat your eyelashes just right.

I do not give a single flying fuck what pairing or thing you want, because you know what?  YOU ARE PERFECT and I AM MAKING YOU A VALENTINE, so you will get my very best effort.  It might be very silly and only 5 sentences long, but it will totally exist.

If by some strange twist of fate, I get more than 20 requests, I will regretfully have to just send the rest of the people loving notes as opposed to making things. <3

This is cross-posted to Tumblr. My tag for this will be #valentines from fleete if you’d like to follow along there!.

Jan. 5th, 2014

Misc - Girl with books

Snowflake Challenge Days 3-4

Day 3 - Rec things

Hideaways by moirariordan - Explicit - Oliver/Felicity - Superb characterization, and I particularly like the O/F dynamic.  Look look look:

"You keep - ow! - ace bandages inside your jacket?" Felicity is mind-boggled by this. "Like - inside?"

"Yes," Oliver says calmly, like this is no big deal at all, like it's totally normal for somebody to sew medical supplies into custom-made Italian businesswear, like everybody does it and Felicity is the one who's weird for questioning it.

Furlough by moirariordan - G - Oliver & Digg & Felicity, with hints of O/F - A low-key holiday where everyone's tired and weighed down, but they get away for a bit and make cookies.  And damnit, that's not even a good enough description, because moirariordan has a killer ear for dialogue and character dynamics, and I am terribly jealous of the writing in this fic.

Sleepy Hollow
One Fine Day by nestorius - Explicit - Ichabod/Abbie - "In which Ichabod is flustered and Abbie is not." - Subdued, fantastic writing, a very matter-of-fact Abbie, and a sex scene that is both imperfect and extremely hot.  My favorite kind!

Sleepy Hollow/Elementary
YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT.  I haven't even started this yet, and I already know that it's going to be perfect and that you should all read it!
The Hellhound of the Rockefellers by flourish - Teen - It's 30K friendshippy crossover casefic with hints of Ichabod/Abbie.  So excited!

Teen Wolf
but my gravity's centered by magneticwave - Teen - Victoria/Chris - This was my gift in the TWHolidays exchange, and in lieu of the summary, I need to give you part of the author's notes: "My headcanon has been and always will be that Victoria Argent was forged in the fires of the New York ballet scene in the late 80s and came to hunting having already conquered the scariest profession in the human world and found it lacking."  ALSO.  There's cis-woman!Chris.  OH MY GOD IT'S SO GOOD.  Magneticwave writes the way I want to write.

Art art art

Pacific Rim cunnilingus art by unfbadger - NSFW - This art pretty much sums up the way I like my het dynamics to work.  I still haven't seen Pacific Rim, tho.

Merlin face art by mingusto - SFW - *salivates*  Their style is so so gorgeous.

Day 4 - Interact with someone new

For this challenge, I am going to count the fact that I went and left comments for moirariordan, who wrote the lovely Arrow fics above and has also written for quite a few other fandoms (Teen Wolf and American Idol, for starters - zie wrote that one fem!Derek car sex thing I LOVED).  They seem to like a lot of my favorite things: ladies and kink and AUs galore.  Here's their AO3.

Jan. 2nd, 2014

Misc - Girl with books

Snowflake Challenge Day 1 & 2

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Hello dears! Day 1 of the Snowflake Challenge is Self-Recs, and in the spirit of variety, I decided to show you something besides fic! Here are some icons I've made.

I'm new to iconning and graphic work, but I credit fandom with teaching me everything I know about the subject. I make simple graphics every other day for my job, so it's been an incredibly useful thing to learn. I'm not terribly great at it, but the whole process of taking a drab photo and making it SPARKLY AND FULL OF COLORS pleases the same part of my soul that wants to pick up shiny things on the sidewalk. Put another one in the column labelled, "Fandom Makes My Life Better."

[5 icons I made that I like]

 That's Anthony Stewart Head holding a kitten.  You're welcome.
 This is my faaavorite icon I've made ever. It has something to do with the superhero pose Gwen is doing.
 Sisterly love!!  This is from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which I enjoyed muchly.
 Capt. Janeway, being a bamf.  I'm not actually up on VOY, but I've made a fuckload of icons for Janeway and for Kira in DS9.

If you're interested in more icons, you can find them at my Photobucket, which is not terribly well organized. <3
Feel free to take, use, whatever!  Please credit me if you do.

Day 2 of the challenge is reccing communities, and honestly, I'm feeling a tad adrift from communities right now, seeing as I'm in all new fandoms. Would anyone care to rec communities for Sleepy Hollow, Elementary, or Arrow? I'm gonna go scan everybody else's answers to these.

Dec. 19th, 2013

Misc - Girl with books

Send help. I am watching the CW again.

So I accidentally watched all of Arrow this past week.  Well.  "all" is overstating it. I skipped over the flashbacks, for the most part.  There are flashbacks in every episode, so I'm not what you could call "well-versed" in canon at this point, and I may never be, because UGH FLASHBACKS.

[[Spoilers for S2] Things I Like and Things I Ship (All of them. I ship all of the things.)]
I should start out by saying that I know almost nothing about the DC comic universe.  So I'm sure that people who DO will have ~feelings~ about this show and the decisions they're making with the characters.  From what I hear, there are already some pretty significant departures from the comicverse, so if you're a DC loyalist, I'd tread carefully.

Things That Are Great

  • Eye candy of at least two genders. Let's just be upfront about that. This show is allllllll about the eye candy.  It's the CW, what do you expect.  But what's even more impressive is that Stephen Amell, who plays the Green Arrow, is actually able to do some of the serious stuntwork that his character requires.  It's pretty neat.  That's him, below.  The poor man is half-naked in every episode.

  • Randomly cool actors, including John Barrowman, Alex Kingston (in a guest role), Summer Glau, Manu Bennett, and Colton Haynes (who is playing a character who is surprisingly likeable)

  • It bears repeating: JOHN BARROWMAN.  John Barrowman plays a snarky asshole and makes faces at people like he's picturing them naked, as you can see:

  • Geek girl sidekick.  Have I mentioned that I have a Thing for geek girl sidekicks?  Oy vey. Gimme some Willow (BtVS), some Chloe (Smallville), some Gabrielle (Xena), some Hermione (HP).  I love those gals as much as the day is long.  This show has a geek girl sidekick named Felicity, and she is wonderful.  She also seems to be half of the fandom's most popular ship, so that's also cool.

  • MULTILINGUALNESS.  People bust out Mandarin, Russian, and the occasional Arabic in this show, and it is lovely.  I do not speak these languages, so I'm not clear on how precise the pronunciation is, but Amell does seem to put a lot of work into getting it as accurate as possible.  There is a scene where Amell's character and Summer Glau's character seduce each other in Russian and UNF.

  • Some very cool lady characters, although they're not always centralized or valorized.  I've seen some disappointment about the way The Huntress was handled, for one, which is totally understandable.  But I am very invested in Black Canary here (see my flail below), and Moira Queen is a surprisingly interesting character who's often working in a morally grey area.  And Isabel Roshev, played by Summer Glau, is kind of wonderful.

  • Unlike Barrowman, Summer Glau's character has a tendency to look at people like she's picturing their mutilated corpses squishing under her boot heel.  It's pretty hot, tbh.

Ships That I Will Read and Write the Shit Out Of, In the Order That I Discovered Them

  • Oliver/Diggle, because they are best bros and like to roll around on mats together and awkwardly talk about their feelings and they should have sweaty, angsty, macho sex.  I think slash fandom would have poured into this fandom if Diggle were either 1) white or 2) a twink, but he's neither of those things. He is a big, black, badass dude, and he needs to bend Oliver in half, like, pronto.  I mean, seriously, look at this man:

  • Oliver/Thea, because sibling incest is best!!

  • And okay, let's be clear, I would also read any combinaton of Queencest at all.  Moira/Thea? Moira/Oliver?  I'm very sorry, but if Stephen Amell and Susanna Thompson want to convince us they're playing mother and son, then they need to stop eyefucking each other.

  • Oliver/Felicity, because the fandom ships it, and so do I.  I am, in fact, writing O/F fuck-or-die at this very minute. It seemed like a good way to introduce myself.

  • Felicity/Black Canary, because I don't know anything about comic!verse Canary, but she seems kind of queer and feminist and awesome in Arrow, and when she first met Felicity, she batted her eyelashes at her and cooed, "You're cute."  I JUST WANT HER TO SEDUCE FELICITY AND ALSO MARRY HER AND FOR THEM TO FIGHT CRIME TOGETHER.  ALL OF IT.

  • Black Canary/Anybody tbh, because damn girl.

  • She wears leather and pouts and has this "friend" named Sin with a punk aesthetic that you almost never see on CW shows:

  • This is Sin.  Isn't she divine? *sighs longingly*  She's played by Bex Taylor-Klaus.  Actually this photo might be from the other show where Taylor-Klaus plays a queer punk street urchin (The Killing), but you get the idea.

  • IN FACT.  Maybe Team Arrow should have a big orgy. Or conversely, just be a big pile of found-family!feelings together.  I will read fluffy domestic fics about Diggle/Felicity/Oliver(/Sarah/Sin) all day long.  LOOK AT THESE THREE.  THEY ARE BASICALLY ALREADY MARRIED:

  • Isabel Roshev/Conquering the World.  Isabel is Summer Glau's character, and I am kind of really into her.  She's unapologetic and a crazy good business woman and has sex when she wants to,and just tries really hard to be good at things. ALSO, and this cannot be overstated, she murmured some Russian in a sexy voice, and it was the best 4 seconds of my life. I want her and Oliver to be bros-with-benefits who respect each other and run a company together and maybe occasionally fuck when they're bored.  I am not sure this is going to happen. The show seems to want me to be suspicious of her, and it makes me sad.

  • BARRY ALLEN/EVERYONE.  The motherfucking Flash, ya'll.  They've been subtly working up to his origin story for the whole first half of the second season, and I really, really liked it.  All of the cinematography devoted to Barry has a very classic, old-school superhero feel to it.  Also. He's an adorable, sassy, baby-faced twink in this canon, and I want him to bat his doe eyes at basically everyone.

  • Apparently Barry's introduction may actually be a back-door pilot for his own show, so we'll see if that happens.

Things That are Not Great

  • Characters of color have a tendency to die or leave the show or be evil.  How novel.

  • It's a pretty male-identified show.  Like, if we take a tally of the women with speaking parts in the show, Oliver and his best bro John have slept with all them except for the ones they're blood-related to.  And Felicity.  Naturally, this means that Oliver/Felicity is the fandom's favorite ship because she is LITERALLY THE ONLY WOMAN HE HASN'T SLEPT WITH.  Yet.  Ahem.  Laurel Lance is probably the most central female character, but her storylines are often tied to being a love interest or to being a victim.  That's not all that she is, of course; she has some cool stuff dealing with career and family.  Hopefully we get to see more of that, PARTICULARLY her relationship with her sister.  I really, really hope we get to see a sisterly reunion there, and not only because I <3 Sarah forever.

  • At the end of the day, this is a very silly CW show, so you can't go in expecting a lot.  Luckily I love silliness.  Add that to the pretty and the multishipping, and I could hang out here all day.

Which brings to my final point:
This is a fandom that needs more people!  It is really hurting for diversity in its fanfic.  I'd say that 75% of the fic on AO3 is fluffy Oliver/Felicity h/c where she gets her damsel-in-distress on.  (And just to be clear, I do love me some damsel!fic.  I feel a little ashamed of myself for liking it, but I try not to.*)  But I have gobbled up all the fluffy h/c, and now I need more of all the other kinds of fic!  So if you would like a show about Pretty People Who Do Silly Things, this might be the show for you. Come write porn with me!

*I should really write a post about the complicated feminist shame I experience surrounding some het fic and het-centric fandoms, because on the one hand, shame is neither useful nor healthy, but on the other hand, examining my socially constructed desires can be useful and healthy.  So.  Yeah.  Put that on the to-do list.

Dec. 8th, 2013

Misc - Girl with books

'Tis the Season!

HELLO.  I haven't posted in a scandalously long time.  The fall snuck up on me and banged me on the head, and these few couple of weeks have been especially hard.  So many things to do!  Here's some updates from the last month.

1. Podcast! I was interviewed for the Verse Vs. Verse Podcast!  You can listen to the episode on Tumblr (mp3 and YouTube) if you want to here me stutter about the writing process and fandom studies and established relationships and whatnot. Seriously, I'm not very articulate, so settle in for some Uhs and Ums.

2. Fics! I have written for tw_fallharvest, tw_holidays, and merlin_holidays.  Only the first has been revealed thus far.  But I also did a pinch hit for the Sleepy Hollow Fanwork Exchange, which was LOTS of fun. AND, I finally finished a fic I've been working on for ages for my beloved concinnity.  So here's the fics I can reveal thus far; I'll post the others when they're revealed.

Let's Make Up Our Own Tradition - Teen Wolf, Lydia gen, PG-13 - Lydia once again finds herself somewhere with no memory of how she got there, but this time, everything's going to be okay.  (Basically fluffy/mysterious Thanksgiving fic.)
Out of Order Hallelujahs - Sleepy Hollow, Abbie/Ichabod, PG-13 - Abbie needs distracting from her holiday feelings. Ichabod helps. (Pre-relationship. I.e. the one with Handel's Messiah and kissing.)  Listen to analise010's amazing podfic of this!
Ancient Methods of Roasting Chickens - Merlin, Arthur/Gwen/Merlin/Morgana, PG-13 - The four of them do not always turn up in the same life, but now that they have, they are determined to make it work. (I.e. the one set in the 50s where Arthur tries to cook food and Morgana pines.)

I had a very difficult time writing for exchanges this season, and I'm not sure what that's about.  Possibly the 3 jobs I'm doing right now?  I dunno.  It was just hard.

3. Holidays! I am determined to inject some Christmas spirit into my apartment this month. I have bought my very first full-size Christmas tree, which makes me feel very adult and fancy and like I have some real ownership over the place I live.  It's almost done being decorated; I'll post pictures when it's done.  Hurrah.

4. Current Projects! I'm thinking my next writing projects will be all Sleepy Hollow.  Possibly porn. Possibly BROTP shenanigans.  Possibly a mix of both.  I will say it's a tad intimidating to post in a fandom where one of the actors actively reads fanfiction.  Or at least pretends that he does. ORLANDO JONES WHY MUST YOU MAKE THINGS HARD.  PUN INTENDED.

And hello to all of you lovely peoples! HOW ARE YOU? Tell me about your lives! How are things? Anybody got any juicy Sleepy Hollow prompts for me?  <3  I MISSED YOU GUYS.

Nov. 23rd, 2013

Misc - Girl with books

Merlin OT4 Fic: Ancient Methods of Roasting Chickens

Title: Ancient Methods of Roasting Chickens
Written for: concinnity
Author: fleete
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Arthur/Gwen/Merlin/Morgana (and various combinations thereof)
Word Count: 6K
Content Notes: reincarnation, cooking, 1950s, polyamory, references to 1950s racism, brief references to racial violence and slavery, people being stupid about their white privilege, stalking
Summary: The four of them do not often turn up in the same place in the same life, but now that they have, they are determined to make it work.
Now they just have to get Gwen to remember who they are.

A/N:Thanks ever so to flammablehat

AO3 Link to Ancient Methods of Roasting Chickens

Oct. 1st, 2013

Misc - Girl with books

Fic for Dad

When I was little, I wrote a lot of poetry.  My dad loved my crappy poetry.  He collected it and typed it up and printed it out so he could keep it.  Later in my life, when I'd ask him what he wanted for Christmas or his birthday, he'd go all doe-eyed and say, "Could you write me a poem?"

I really don't like writing poetry anymore.  I've tried, the last 3 or 4 Christmases, to write him poetry.  It comes out terrible.  And he can tell that I'm not really putting my all into it, is the problem.  He thanks me for my extra-crappy poems anyway, and never says anything, but I can tell.  Disappointing my Dad is beginning to grate on me.  I've mentioned that I don't really write poetry anymore, but he really likes to have stuff that his kids make.  My sister has taken up crafting/painting and is making him random-ass crafts that make Dad go all gooey and delighted.  And she inspired me, because I realized I could make him something besides a poem.  I could write him fic.  Since, y'know, that is a thing that I actually enjoy doing.  I told him I "write short stories" now, and at first he was all "hmmm," but once he had time to think about it (and possibly to get over his everlasting desire for my terrible poetry), he is Very Interested in my stories.

So.  SO. I'm trying to write original fic for my dad for Christmas.

I've never written original fic before.  I mean, not since the 3rd grade.  I'm all, WHERE DO I START.  I have to come up with CHARACTERS and SETTINGS, which I guess it's not that different from fanfic.  But still.  I dunno.  So I'm brainstorming.  If my Dad were to fill out a list of tropes that he likes for a fic exchange, it would probably look like this:

Favorite Tropes: Family dynamics!!  father/daughter relationships omg best, sibling relationships, music! all the musics!!, singers and bands, holiday themes, kidfic, FLUFF, happiness, people being protective of their family, workplace relationships that are like family, history - especially Texas, inspirational stories of people making it big, schmoop, hurt/comfort, friendship
Favorite TV Show: NCIS
Favorite Musics: The Eagles and other 70s soft rock like Jackson Browne, but also random bluesy hipster people that he finds on YouTube
Favorite Food: Chocolate chip muffins.

My current plan is to write either a longish (15-20K) fic for him OR to write several shorter ones and then get them printed up in a book, cuz he'd like that a lot.  And now I need to brainstorm fics.  Going in a tropey direction will likely be good for me, because the trope will give me some structure while I figure out original characters. My first thoughts are bandfic, some kind of family X-mas thing, and maybe a workplace thing.  I dunno. (Suggestions are super-duper welcome.)  Should be a fun project, though!

Sep. 20th, 2013

Misc - Girl with books

WIP-Elimination Exercise

Last year at some point, I made myself do a little exercise where I listed my main WIPs and what it would take to get them finished and also what's holding them up.  It was really useful for me, so I'm gonna do it again, seeing as I have these fics that are so so close to being finished.

[4 fics that I conceivably finish]The Merlin OT4 Gift Fic for Concinnity
Current Word Count: 4700
Estimated Words Left: 500-1K
What's the problem: Er, well, there isn't a problem exactly. It just needs finishing.  And a beta.  It's a bit odd, actually, cuz I think the tone jumps around.  I should just write it and then let a beta or three tell me what to do about it.  Yeah.

The TW Melissa/Sheriff Fic
Current Word Count: 4200
Estimated Words Left: 2K?
What's the problem: It's a little disjointed, for one.  It started out as a 5 times fic, and so the first two major scenes aren't closely connected.  Maybe I need to come back to the original 5 times concept, actually.  Or some other kind of plot scheme that acknowledges the disjointedness.  Hmmm.

The Intensely Sappy Sheriff/Claudia Fic
Current Word Count: 1700
Estimated Words Left: 500ish
What's the problem:This is sort of a companion piece to the Melissa/Sheriff piece, and I stopped working on it mainly because I realized that I had turned Claudia into a manic pixie dream girl.  (To be fair to myself, this is kind of easy to do when you set out to write a female Stiles.)  I need to go back and make her more like a person and less a means for me to give the Sheriff his manpain.  I'm attached to the words I've already written, though, so it's this kind of tug-o-war between what I know needs to happen and my authorial pride.

The ST:ID Angst-a-thon Carol Marcus Fic
Current Word Count: 4K
Estimated Words Left: 500ish
What's the problem: Actually this one has already been beta-ed by two people, and so I do have concrete advice from smart people about what needs to happen: add feelings and add an ending.  That's it.  But its a post-movie fic, and it's extremely angsty cuz it's all about her father's funeral and her complicated feelings about her father, and yeah.  It's hard to write that kind of thing when you don't have the zeal of having just seen the movie to propel you forward.

These four are the fics I can see myself finishing in the foreseeable future.  I've also got the perverse_bang Merlin OT3 fic that I didn't finish (10K of that sucker and it probably needs another 5), but I think I need a break from it.  Or maybe for someone else to read it and tell me what to do with it.  IDK.

I also just got my assignments for both TW_FallHarvest and TW_holidays, and those both take highest priority.  I've got an idea and plot for one, but not the other.

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